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Do you have an emergency response network for your family?

StarGuard™ offers a unique 24 hour medical emergency response and child location service to its members.

Over the past 20 years, Parents have become increasingly concerned about their children’s safety. Most parents agree that it is more dangerous to be a child today, than it was when they were growing up.

The Founders of the Child Safety Network (CSN) a national leader in child safety for over 20 years has worked with law enforcement, medical professionals and technology experts to offer you the first true breakthrough in technology to protect your children since the invention of the seat belt.


When your child needs your help StarGuard finds the people you trust.

Every year thousands of children are received in emergency rooms with no identification. In the case of an emergency, does your family have a system to contact you immediately?

It's a parent's worst nightmare to think about their child being involved in an accident or go missing. StarGuard™ was founded to help families be more prepared for an unfortunate situation where a child is involved in an emergency situation so that real nightmares can be avoided with fast identification and response.

Even if you're not available, StarGuard™ will immediately contact your trusted contacts, whether it be other family members, relatives, or close trusted friends to respond to the situation as fast as possible. Plus, hospitals can use the identification tag to call our 24 hour call centers where live operators are always standing by to provide any medical history information or other crucial data that may be necesassary to treat a child properly - this is especially critical for children with common conditions such as aesthma, diabetes, medical allergies, and many more. In many cases, this can mean the difference between life and death.

With StarGuard, you're better prepared to handle worst-case scenarios with a best-case emergency response network.